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fficient, finan●ce bureaus in eac◆h district and c■ounty shall ma●ke advance payments.〓 Industry, commer●ce and qual●ity supervision ●authorities will〓 strictly crack dow〓n on the illegal〓 practice o〓f selling c〓ounterfeit,● inferior or refu○rbished hom

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the○ sales valu○e of which reached 5●4.467 million yuan,● surpassing 5●0 million yuan.&n◆bsp;Translated by● LOTOThe State ■Council recently■ approved an i〓mplementatio◆n plan to encourage ●automobile and ●household applia●nce "trade●-ins" (herein■after referred ■to as the ●Plan). The Plan◆ shows t

hat◆ a


maximum subsi○dy of 6,000 y●uan will b〓e granted for "tr●ade-ins" of a

utomo●biles that h〓ave reached certa●in service lif〓

etime.Subsidies tot◆aling seven billi●on

yuan to b●e allocated to "〓trade-in

s"On May 1○9, the policy aimed ○at encouraging au■tomobile an


d ho●usehold appliance◆ "trade-ins" wa■s studied an◆d deployed during a 〓State Council ex●ecutive me

●eting. The Plan fo●r the first t◆ime clearly defin○es various aspect〓s of the policy, inc◆luding its pr

o●cedure and ■the scope 〓and standard o●f the subsidy.Acco◆rding to an offici■al from the ○National

Development◆ and Reform ●Commission〓, the basic id◆ea of the Plan i●s to encoura○ge "trade-ins" b●y

means of■ financial subsidie■s, with a vi〓ew to expanding 〓consumption dem◆and, promotin●g energy co

nservati■on and emiss■ion reduction,◆ and developing cir■cular economy.A◆ccording to the● Plan, in addit

○ion to the 1◆ billion yuan● already alloca◆ted to provide sub〓sidies for the repla●cement of old 〓

and worn-out a〓utomobiles with ◆new models, ●another 4 billi●on yuan in the form ●of subsidies will b〓e